Monday, June 21, 2010

Kid's Camp: Day 1

Today was the beginning of our long-anticipated English Camp for kids. We ended up having 19 kids show up today, which was a great size of group to work with. We divided them up into two groups for most of the day and rotated them through music, drama, crafts, and recreation. Everything seemed to go SO well- we are off to a great start. The kids seem interested, attentive, and enjoying themselves. They have been encouraged to invite friends, so we'll see how many show up tomorrow! Here's what the team had to say about today:

Michelle: My highlight was seeing how excited the kids got when Surfer Sam came into the room. (played by Nick in a long, blond wig.)

Mike: I was moved out of my comfort zone and had a great time with the kids today.

Caleb: I am the youngest member of the team. Still. Ha, ha, ha! It's exciting to be carrying the presence of God into this dark place. Our connection with the kids was capital.

Bob: The rain is wet here. But kids love playing games at the Center.

Chris: I enjoyed our high school helpers, who enjoyed the crafts as much as the kids did! (We have three Bosnians helping us.)

Jason: Just call me the little drummer boy. (Jason played a tupperware tub for acoustics during music time.) It was also fun to see some escargot in their natural habitat.

Nick: Teaching kids drama is difficult in English, and even more challenging when the kids speak Bosnian. But it is very satisfying to watch the kids have fun with us. Fun is a universal language. So is love.

Laura (Mark Byrom's daughter): My favorite part was EVERYTHING!

Take 4 minutes here and enjoy our day in a Slideshow.

Keep us in your prayers- tomorrow night we will begin taking turns at the cultural center as Bosnians come in to practice their English. The three guys go tomorrow night. (Jason, Mike, and Caleb)



Anonymous said...

Ummm...we're going to need a picture w/the blonde wig. ~Ann.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for taking the time to keep us posted on your activities. Looks like the indoor games & crafts were a hit. Have lots of time to pray since I'm on call for work again. Praying that your group doubles tomorrow. Your home team member, Sharon ><>-el

Britt said...

Totally with Ann on this...we've got to have a pic with the wig! Or video!! :D
Thanks for posting all these updates and pictures...I'm loving them!

Becky said...

Love the video. It really looks like the kids (and you adults) are having a great time. Hope there are many more kids tomorrow and that the conversations with local Bosnians are full of more opportunities to show Christ's love.

Anonymous said...

Love the video! Everyone looks like they had a great time today. I pray for even more kids tomorrow!

Yea...I'd like to see the wig too...


Anonymous said...

Mike, we all miss you back home, but you are doing a great work in Bosnia and we are very proud of you ~ It looks like the team and the kids are having a wonderful time! What a Blessed experience for all ~ Love You Son ~ call me when your home and rested!