Thursday, June 24, 2010

English Camp: Day 4

The English Camp continues to go incredibly well. The kids are having so much fun, and each day we see more and more joy on their faces. It will be difficult to say good-bye tomorrow! Today we handed out free shirts with the Center's new logo on them. Hopefully this will get the name out there and people will recognize the Cultural Center as a great place to go and learn English. Thanks for supporting our team- your support enabled us to bring these shirts!

One of the best parts of the camp has been having our team interact with four Bosnian teenage girls. They have been our translators in many situations and have been a huge help. Today I wanted to invite you to be praying for them. They are Bosnian Muslims who really want to see their country have a better future. We are hoping that they will see in us a true difference that might lead them to truth. Their names are Mary, Anni, Dina, Nelly.

Michelle and I did English speaking practice with two of them tonight. They are so great- we would love to bring them home with us as exchange students! Not going to happen, but we really connected well with them.

Tomorrow is the big day- connecting with parents in the evening will be very crucial for the Byroms and Eikosts. Please continue to pray for us!



Anonymous said...

We continue to pray that these connections will be the conduit for truth and peace. The guests at the program will be blessed to get to meet each of you and get a glimpse of Christ. I envy you the opportunity. ~Ann.

Anonymous said...

This is such a great chance to share who Jesus is in such a real way - we will definitely be praying for these 4 young ladies that their hearts would be very curious about having Jesus in their lives. We will be praying with you for the meeting with parents, and for safe travel home!!

Mary Hagle