Friday, June 18, 2010

European Travel

Howdy folks! So far, so good! We are sitting in Vienna, Austria, just a few short hours away from a departure to Sarajevo. It is hard to believe that by this evening we'll be sharing a meal with Mark and Debbie Byrom in their apartment.

If you're checking this blog, thanks for tracking with our team! Please take a moment and pray that God would use us to be a light in Sarajevo!

More to follow-


Becky said...

Glad you made it safely! Hope the long flights were good, seems like everyone is smiling. We're praying for a great trip.

Debbie said...

Wow! I just finished praying for you this morning and thought I'd check the blogspot. It's great to see pictures and get this so recent update!

Anonymous said...

Hi friends! Thanks for the pix, it is great o hear from you this morning. Today I am going to IKEA which is almost like a trip to a foreign country. Veldejaard (that mean 'I'm praying for you' in Ikealish). ~Ann.

heide said...

thanks for the picts...great to see you got there fine.
we're praying for you all...that the Lord would have His way with you as you pour love into the Bosnian people.
God's blessings to you!

Sheree said...

Thank you for letting us follow along.Good to see everyone is safe and pressing forward. Will be praying for you and those you come accross along the way.