Monday, June 14, 2010

Bosnia, not.

From my stay-at-home perspective, it is beginning to feel like I am missing the party. As the Bosnia missions team prepares to leave this Thursday, our offices have been buzzing with plans, meetings, and last minute to-do lists. I realized this weekend as we prayed for the team how much I love each of them and will miss them while they are gone.
So yes, I am feeling a little sorry for myself, staying home, holding the fort, lonely beacon remaining behind. My suitcase is still on the top shelf of the closet, my passport is non-existent, my day planner looks normal. So though I willingly chose to skip this trip, I don't want to miss the party.
I know that each of these guys and gals, who you will be hearing from on this blog format in the next ten days, are exactly the right people to be Bosnia-bound, that they will return full of new enthusiasm and vision, and that they will share it with all of us.
Is it too soon to begin planning the welcome home party?
~Pastor Ann

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