Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Heart to Heart

At East Hills we offer women many ways to connect, serve, learn, and relax.  Some of these opportunities are woven into the fabric of East Hills: Women participate in outreach events, are an integral part of many of our key teams, and serve on various boards and committees.  In addition, there are some unique activities designed just for the women of East Hills.

Each Spring there is a district women’s retreat, and each Fall there is an East Hills women’s retreat.  These times of unplugging from the routines of life create space to make memories together as we get to know each other better.

Alliance Women provides a place for women with a heart for missions to gather to pray and participate in key initiatives for women and families worldwide.

We offer a growing list of recovery group options specifically for women.  These safe places give women a place to gain insight, recover boundaries, and renew hope.

Heart to Heart is a gathering that meets throughout the year in seasons of four to eight weeks for practical Bible study and fellowship.  We want this to be a relaxing and renewing time for women so we provide a meal and childcare, all for free. We are currently engaging in a series called “Found: Valuable gems discovered in an overlooked passage”. Together we have excavated some real treasure that is both universal and personal.

We have talked about how our actions speak louder than words, about ambition, and about thankfulness, all from the perspective of I Thessalonians, a letter from Paul to his dear friends that is a relevant today as it was when he first penned it. Discussions around our tables have been serious, funny, helpful, personal, and challenging.

A few recent comments are:

--There are several things I love about Heart to Heart, I love coming together with other women and hearing and learning more about God through his word and then coming up with ways we can apply that to our lives by discussing and sharing. And being able to share we get to know each better, bringing us closer to each other and also closer to God.

--One of the things that has been so significant to me each time Heart to Heart is offered is the way all the women share at the individual tables.   I am able to see a part of them that is real.  It is not the way they act on Sunday morning-not "I am just fine" language.  Getting to know women on that deeper, more intimate level means so much to me.

--Of course I the love all that goes into preparing the atmosphere with yummy food and pretty table decorations.

--Someone who has never attended does not need to feel that they would be singled out or put on the spot.  I appreciate that you always state that what is discussed at the table needs to stay right there.

--Thank you for Heart to Heart.

Our final meeting of this season will be Thursday, December 5.  We are calling it “Fa la la la la” and it is more of a party than a meeting!  Each table has been claimed by an individual or team and will be decorated in a theme that reflects a popular Christmas song, we will nibble on festive appetizers and desserts, and each woman will make a fun and useful holiday craft. A few surprises are planned as well.  We want this to be a great place to invite a friend, neighbor, or co-worker who would enjoy launching the holiday season with us.

Whatever a woman’s season of life, situation, interest, or concern, East Hills values the diversity, talent, and significance of the individuals God has drawn to this safe place. If you would like to chat about any of the opportunities we offer, contact me so that we can get together for a cup of coffee and get to know each other better.

~Pastor Ann

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