Wednesday, December 04, 2013

My prayer night experience:
In the past, I have thoroughly enjoyed participating in prayer times and looked forward to our slot this year. So, I was surprised when this year turned out to be a struggle. A very good time in the end, but a difficult commitment to keep. Our slot was at 11pm (not terribly late), but that day turned out to be a 12-hour field trip day in Seattle!

When we got home I ended up taking an evening nap so that I would be awake for prayer. I did get up by 11, but still very, very, tired. It took the Lord's nudge for me to join Greg and have our prayers together. I am so glad I did! The Lord rejuvenated my spirit as we prayed. I felt bonded to the Lord and to our church. Thank you, Lord, for Your faithful prodding and strength to keep us moving forward!
Karla Bean

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