Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Call to Prayer

Recently East Hills had a Call to Prayer night to kick off 24 hours of prayer for our church, our city and our world. Here are two participants’ experience with the event this year.

My Friend and I, A Call to Prayer
My friend and I recently agreed to meet one afternoon at 2:30 to pray for various needs we are concerned about.

We sat on the living room sofa that Friday and began our conversation together. He would remind me of details about the lives of the people we care about and I would echo His concern back. We spoke about marriages, the husband-wife relationship, about children and the need for parental mentoring, love and discipleship. We shared comments and concerns about our church’s leadership, their need for discernment, balance, encouragement and wisdom; we agreed on the need for acknowledgement of those who serve behind the scenes, those who care for the physical building of the entity called “‘church,” those who mow, clean windows, wash kitchen floors. We prayed for wisdom and direction for the whole body called the CMA, passion and balance for its leadership. We also directed our thoughts towards those international workers who serve in countries that deny or restrict their ability to share my Friend’s love for others who live there. We spoke together of their needs to be supported, encouraged and provided for, so far away from my abundance of material provisions.

We spoke together for about a half-hour. It was a sweet time, He gently reminding me of others’ needs; small things that make a difference in the world I live in for the people He loves. What a privilege to be able to talk with the King, having a two-way conversation that impacts His work on Earth.

Linda Pharr

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