Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Youth Ministry is Growing!

“If I could sum up youth ministry this year in one word, it would be ‘Growth!’” said Pastor Caleb Cox. “Jesus nailed it on the head when he said ‘the harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few.’ This past year we’ve been praying for the harvest, and it has exploded (in a good way)! This coming year we’re praying for workers, for they are few indeed compared to the astonishing 58 students we had at an all night lock-in the first week in January.”

“We’ve had amazing help with Stephen and Katie Sande, Mike Musser, Evan Waller, and my wife Becky,” said Caleb. “But two of those will soon be bouncing babies on their knees, and it’s hard for two or three guys to herd 40 kids. Pray for more workers this next year, and pray about your involvement in what God is doing in the East Hills youth ministry!”

What does it take to be a volunteer?
Great question!
1- I’m looking for people with a heart for God and a heart for the youth in this com - munity.
2- Some time to give.

The most pressing need is for helpers at Jr. High. “The Forge” as it is called, is on Sunday nights from 6-8pm. That’s only two hours a week. The connection you can make with students in just those two hours is amazing. I don’t doubt that those two hours are the highlights of every week for some of the students who come.

Another great thing about working with youth, is that we periodically go on retreats or outings, and it’s just plain fun to go out and do those things we used to do when we were young.

If you’ve felt the Lord tugging on your heart while you read this article, or if you have been thinking about volunteering for some time, we’ve been praying for you. Contact Pastor Caleb to see where you can fit in this exciting, life-changing ministry!

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