Wednesday, February 18, 2009

What's God Really Like?

Pastor Nick began a new sermon series from the book of John in January. It is called “What’s God Really Like?” This series is taking a look at who God really is, beyond what we want Him to be, or expect Him to be. In the first, introductory message in the series, Pastor Nick pointed out that our perceptions shape our view of God. “Our perceptions about God become our truth. Whether or not it is actually Biblical truth. That is so significant because we behave and live by our truth. We want to make sure that the way we view God is an accurate picture of who He is.”

“Jesus came at a time when people’s perception of God was formed entirely by the Old Testament. Much of what Jesus did was to reveal a new picture of God. What is ironic for us is that most people still view God as an Old Testament God. The Old Testament is still accurate, but it doesn’t give the full picture of who God is. We tend to separate God and Jesus so much that we think God is one way and Jesus another. What I hope this series will help us see is that what we see in Jesus is what God is like. God is JESUS.”

Last year, Pastor Nick began our journey through the book of John in a series called “Traveling Light.” That series focused on the first 11 chapters of the book which covered most of Jesus’ life and ministry. This new series begins in chapter 12, and covers the rest of the book of John through chapter 21, which details the last 9 days of Jesus’ life. This last week is often referred to as Passion Week and includes the last supper, Jesus’ arrest, death, and resurrection. You won’t want to miss a week of this powerful series that reveals What God is Really Like through the life of Jesus.

If you do happen to miss a week, you can listen to the messages online, or contact the office to have a CD of the service made.

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