Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Kidville On The Move: More than Expected

Moving each class each week through a rotation system has been an interesting change for Kidville staff and kids. We have tried to provide opportunities in each site that address various learning styles and allow us to include staff members who love kids, but do not necessarily consider themselves to be teachers. We have had a wonderful mix of teaching, activities, events, and just plain fun this year. At the beginning of the school year it was all organized, planned, and prepared for. Little did we know that “on the move” would mean more than we anticipated!

During this school year, our Kidville census has been growing. To respond to the large number of babies and toddlers, we moved our nursery area across the hall to a larger, brighter, and safer site. It is now called “Movers & Shakers” and has been a much better place for these young ones. We are anticipating some upgrades to that area this winter.

Moving that site required juggling other sites and we landed one group in the youth room. This was OK for a temporary adjustment, but with growing numbers of kids it became awkward to hold a class that required telling kids not to touch musical instruments and game equipment, not to climb onto (or jump off of!) youth risers, and to try to focus in distracting surroundings. In response to that need we moved this group again; this time they are using the library. We have gently transformed it to a kid-friendly site, and will continue to consider our options for ministering to kids in the best way possible.

I have sincerely appreciated the tolerance of our Kidville staff for these ongoing changes, even embracing the new ideas that have bubbled up to solve problems and space crunches. You can be very appreciative of the way these remarkable people engage each week with our kids to demonstrate to them in powerful and creative ways the love of Jesus Christ. It is a privilege to be teammates this session with Mandy, Jenny, Katrina, Jenn, Amanda, Kim, Laura, Lori, Rene, Erin, Olivia, and Doug and Laurie. We are also developing a team of junior helpers who are willing to step in and help in a wide variety of ways.

With our growing population in Kidville we have growing needs. Can you spend some of your time, talent, energy, creativity, money, skill, and love on the next generation? They are worth it! Contact me. I would love to talk with you about a million ways to bless our kids.

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