Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Annual Business Meeting: More Than Piles of Paper

For more than six weeks the office has been humming --between snow storms, ice storms, and flooding-- to gather and publish what is needed to get everything ready for the annual celebration. Administrative Assistants Lori Shero and Becky Cox have gathered, collated, copied, organized, and stapled mountains of paper, all so that the church family can have what is needed for an orderly and informative meeting.

Finally the day arrived and after we checked and double checked to make sure we had what we needed, the meeting finally began.

This year we joined together after the Sunday Service for a potluck lunch, followed by a time of several people sharing highlights of the year. Then Pastor Nick presented his “State of the Church” message highlighting four areas in which we have been risk takers during the past year: remodeling the Main Hall, selling the parsonage, moving VBS off site and into the community, and becoming proactive in inviting people to East Hills. He then shared four ways he sees us sharpening our focus in the coming year: Kidville, missions, evangelism, and a recommitment to prayer.

Communion was then served at tables with a time for prayer.

When the business meeting began, all of that carefully prepared paperwork came into play. As reports were reviewed, financial documents inspected, and budgets pored over, papers shuffled and a few questions were asked. Then at the end of each discussion a vote was taken. For the entire meeting every vote taken was unanimous. The unity that is represented by those votes was so encouraging. It makes me wonder what grand things God is planning for us for 2009 as we seek His will and follow him as a unified body of Christ-followers.

At 2:15 the meeting was over and the carefully prepared documents were set aside, a few to be filed, most to be recycled. Was it worth it? Absolutely! Because a few dedicated people behind the scenes did a thorough job, the information was easily accessible and understandable. As all that paper is recycled, it is great to know that our annual meeting is about so much more than just the paperwork: It is about redefining our direction and with one purpose stepping boldly out to bring Light to a dark world.

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