Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Rockin' With The Forge

God is doing a mighty work in the Jr. High ministry at EHA. Not only are tons of kids showing up (and I mean tons if you weighed them all together on a huge elephant scale), but lives are being impacted and changed. We are seeing the unsaved drawn to Jesus! And that is exciting! On a typical night I show up at 5:30, prepping my heart and my body for the night's onslaught. Near 6:00 a few kids will have trickled in, and by 6:15 the place is a madhouse; balls flying everywhere; screams and laughter resounding throughout the lower building; and hugs and high fives creating a cacophony of smiles and joyous outbursts.

We play a few rousing games that get the blood moving, and I'm usually hoarse by this point. Then we file into the youth room and sing songs at a level that would register about a 2.5 on the Richter scale. After worship I share a brief message, trying to be relevant to the cultural issues these youth are facing in the world today. After that we play a closing game that will make them sleep well that night. It's awesome every week, because God is at work. At this point there are three leaders, and we are stretched pretty thin... so if you feel God's tug on your heart to help out, we could really use you! What can you expect if you show up? Lots of energy, lots of life, and a very sore back the next day! But it's so worth it! Even if you can't help out, I encourage everyone to come at least once to check out what God is doing in the Forge…!

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