Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Heart to Heart

This fall we decided to try Heart to Heart as evening only sessions.  This decision allows us to meet together as one group, and also allows guest speakers the opportunity to participate without having to prepare for two sessions.  Our current series, “10 Things Every Woman Needs to Know” is subtitled, “Practical wisdom for everyday…and eternity.”  We have had a great time hearing from guests on practical topics and are excited to hear the remaining presentations.  Also, each week, I have been privileged to share from God’s Word on related subjects.  It is truly exciting and energizing to open my Bible and put together messages that I know are specifically for the women of East Hills.  

God has been so good to bless us each week.  We enjoy the mid-week break, the snacks, and the excellent childcare.  All of this together allows us to grow closer together and closer to God.  Each message of this series stands alone, so that you can join in at anytime and be part of the community of women who are learning ten new things.

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