Saturday, January 05, 2013

The Chronological Bible Journey- Week 1

As you read through the Chronological Bible, this is a place to come each week and share your insights, thoughts and questions. Dialogue with one another by posting your own comment! Each week, we will start the conversation fresh, so check back and interact on a regular basis.

If at any point during the year, you would like to share a longer thought, email the office and we will put it up in its own unique post.

May God's Word speak to us all!

The Staff


sjones50 said...

I have been excited about the chronological bible study this year. I certainly wasn't disappointed after the first message. The "Take It Home" section really spoke to me, especially that we should "Stay in authentic relationships".

Taking a Christmas break from our Life Group is necessary. I've missed church a lot recently because of work. I miss my brothers and sisters! This message drives home the reason why.


Pastor Nick said...

I read last night the Sunday reading. I found it interesting how the story of Abraham and Sarah being promised a child, and the birth of that child, serve as bookends for several stories of raw abuses of sexuality- Sodom, Lot's daughters. I can't help but wonder if this is intentional. Did the author of Genesis use the faithfulness of Abraham and Sarah to show off the goodness of his plan and human sexuality, even when it means waiting a long time? I'm not positive, but it made sense to me.

Anonymous said...

Is Mohammad a decendent of Ishmael?

Anonymous said...

Thought some might find this of interest.
Some of God's Hebrew names and their meanings:

Adonai-Jehovah: The Sovereign Lord.
El-Elyon: The Lord Most High.
El-Olam: The Everlasting God.
El-Shaddai: The God Who is Sufficient for the Needs of His People.
Jehovah-Elohim: The Eternal Creator.
Jehovah-Jireh: The Lord our Provider.
Jehovah-Nissi: The Lord our Banner.
Jehovah-Ropheka: The Lord our Healer.
Jehovah-Shalom: The Lord our Peace.
Jehovah-Tsidkenu: The Lord our Righteousness.
Jehovah-Mekaddishkem: The Lord our Sanctifier.
Jehovah-Sabaoth: The Lord of Hosts.
Jehovah-Shammah: The Lord is Present.
Jehovah-Rohi: The Lord our Shepherd.
Jehovah-Hoseenu: The Lord our Maker.
Jehovah-Eloheenu: The Lord our God.

Pastor Nick said...

I have heard that Mohammad was a descendent of Ishmael, as most of the Middle East people who are not Jewish are believed to come from the line of Ishmael. I don't know if they have actually family lineage to prove this, but it would make sense with the Biblical record.