Sunday, November 18, 2012

Days 9 and 10

On Saturday, our team got to do something in Sarajevo that I have been hoping  to do on every trip. We drove over to the south side of the airport and visited a small, family-run museum. This family home is the end of the famous "Tunnel of Life". During the 3 year long siege of Sarajevo, the tunnel became the only connection Sarajevans had to the outside world. The tunnel took over 4 months to build, and stretches over half a mile. Through this tunnel flowed, troops, arms, food, water, and medicine. Many historians say that without the tunnel, dug by hand tools, Sarajevo would never have endured the siege. The tunnel to me represents the fierce resolve of the Bosnian people. They can and will do whatever they must do in order to survive. Pray that Bosnians will come to know Christ as the true tunnel (way) of life!

The rest of the day Saturday was spent on preparations for the open house, and then celebrating Thanksgiving with Bosnians at the open house. Around 150 people flowed through the doors of Izvor. People of all ages came- children and their families came for a kids program, high school students and their parents came to see a classes artwork on display, and many adult English students and members of the Evangelical church came as well. This was a great time of making new connections and renewing old friendships.
In this picture, you can see Vesna, the Izvor assistant, as well as a young girl named Zerina. Perhaps a few of you will remember her. Zerina was one of the very first contacts at Izvor as she and her brother came to a Kids English Camp our church presented in 2010. She has stayed connected ever since! It was great to see her again. She still remembered our English camp caricature "Surfer Sam."

For Sunday, our team split into two groups in order to attend two different churches. Jim Venable got to preach for the Ilidza church, while the other team members brought greetings to Pastor Slavko and the Kosevsko Brdo church. After a nice afternoon, we all gathered at the Malta church where Pastor Nick shared a message on our identity in Christ. Our team probably has the most connections in this church, so it was great to see so many familiar faces.

Please continue to pray for the Bosnian church. While this group is so full of life and zeal, the growth is very slow. People are so rooted in their culture and religions of their past that it is difficult for them to even consider Christ as a viable option. Pray that the church will stay encouraged to be light in darkness and show the glory of Jesus everywhere they go.

Thanks for partnering and praying!!
Team Bosnia 2012

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