Saturday, November 10, 2012

Day 2- Sarajevo

Today was another great day in Bosnia! Several of the gals were able to help out at Izvor this morning with both a children's music class, and then with a card-making class later in the afternoon. During this time, I (Nick) was able to meet with one of the local Bosnian pastors. Over the last few trips, we have been building a great friendship with Pastor Sasa and the church at Malta. He and his wife Drina have led the church there for about 12 years. The work is often challenging, but God has used them in significant ways in this city. Keep them in your prayers. Right now, they are really in need of more leaders to step up and take some of the work load. The church did have an associate pastor, but he has had to open up a coffee shop and put in much of his time there in order to make ends meet for the family. This has put Pastor Sasa in need of more help. 

You can see from the shot above what an "outdoor" culture they have here in Sarajevo. The temperature today was hovering just below 50 degrees, and yet this outdoor cafe seating was packed at about 3:30 in the afternoon. Cold weather? No problem. Just drink coffee with your friends and you'll stay warm. At about this time, most of our team was warm and toasty inside Izvor as Sue (our friend from Salem) helped lead a writers workshop. A group of about 8 Sarajevans attend the class. Be praying for positive connections and follow up as part of this class.

Our team enjoyed a fun meal together inside an old hotel in downtown Sarajevo.
After dinner, DESSERT. I realized as I was choosing my plate of whipped sugar that I would never let my kids order this. It was like eating lemon meringue pie without the lemon. Mmm...can you say sugar induced coma?

 Thanks for your continued prayers for our team, and for all the people of Sarajevo. I continue to hear stories of challenges many of the churches and leaders have faced in this country over the past year. It really seems that evil has made a concerted push to discourage and dishearten the church. Pray that God would overcome the darkness and that His light would shine over this beautiful place.

Grateful for all of you-
Bosnia 2012

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