Monday, January 28, 2013

The Chronological Bible- Week 4

This week's journey through the Chronological Bible takes us into the rest of Job's story and introduces us to the book of Exodus. For those of you who were at EHA this weekend, my apologies again for spoiling the end of the book! But I pray that as you read, God will speak to you of His wisdom and His presence in our unexpected pain and suffering. He is the magnificent Creator, and if He can do everything He lists out in Chapters 38-41, we can trust Him to hold our lives.

Personally, I love the story of Moses. I love the faith of his mother to release him into the stream, only to get him back again. I love Mose's zeal to stick up for his people, even though he's been raised as an Egyptian. I think most of all, though, I love that Moses keeps doing what he was made to do, even when things didn't work out. He runs off into the desert fearful that Pharaoh will hunt him down, and what is the first thing he does in his escape? He gets involved in a water quarrel by defending some young gals. He could easily have looked back on past experiences and thought, "when I get involved in fights that aren't my own, it ends badly." But instead he continues to act- to be the redeemer and leader God had made him to be. I know that for me, yesterday's bad experiences often become tomorrow's excuses. I pray that I learn from Moses to trust God even when life turns out differently than I expect!

What are you learning this week? What will you take away from the book of Job?

Nick Stumbo


Anonymous said...

Is the Angle of the Lord or the Burning bush Christ hi

Anonymous said...

Is there any symbolism of why God used a bush on fire but that the fire did not distroy the bush

Anonymous said...

Why did God choose Moses a man who had killed another man? Did God harden Pharaohs heart or was it the pride in Pharaho himself? Is Moses a view of Christ to come in that he was born with the government wanting to kill him as Christ was, he performed miracles as Christ did, he set the Hebews free as Christ did with us and he lead the Hebrews into the promise land as Christ leads us into paradise with him. Just some questions to make your day. Bob

Pastor Nick said...

Hey, I'm not the "answer man" but I'll give my quick two cents on these questions! What do others think?
-Some think the Angel of the Lord and other similar "personifications" of God in the Old Testament are examples of Christ, but there's not a lot of info to go and I'm not sure it changes the story either way.
-God is often represented throughout Scripture as Fire, and it would only make sense that his fire is not extinguished.
-God chose Moses just like God chose David and Paul. He sees the heart and judges not be our past but by our willingness to surrender to him.
-You can go either way with God and Pharaoh. Which came first- God hardening the heart, or God seeing that Pharaoh would harden his heart so God planned accordingly? Kind of a "chicken or the egg" argument for me.
-I think Moses and Christ do share many of the same qualities, and so Moses does serve as a kind of early "type" of what Christ would ultimately be. Although, only Christ gave his life as a sacrifice. Moses had to use lambs for that...

What are your thoughts?