Friday, August 31, 2007

Fall Activities Planned for Women

After a summer hiatus, East Hills women’s ministries are preparing for another season. The two main areas of activities expressly for women are Alliance Women and Heart to Heart.

Alliance Women is headed by a team that includes Chris Church as President. Their schedule and plans for the coming year have been put together; the key meeting time is the second Tuesday of each month. The first meeting is Tuesday, September 11th, at Chris Church’s home at 3028 Maple in Longview. Their focus is missions and prayer with lots of fun and meaningful activities added to the mix.

The second area is Heart to Heart, which will again be meeting in a revised format on Thursday mornings and evenings beginning September 20th. This ministry is led by me and features Bible studies, times of fellowship, and this year a few surprises thrown in.

The specific plans for both of these ministries, as well as other opportunities for women, will be unveiled at a special evening event in the Fellowship Hall on Thursday, Sept. 13, at 7:00. Called "Autumn a la Mode," it will feature presenters, handouts, prizes, free childcare, and of course pie a la mode. All women are invited to check out what is new for them this fall.

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