Friday, September 21, 2007

Heart to Heart on the Front Porch

After a summer off, Heart to Heart has reformed for the fall season. I have felt lately like something in my life is just missing, and after our first Thursday together I know what it is. My heart has missed Heart to Heart. Getting together with a group of women who nibble and chat comfortably together, but have a heart to seek God and get real is just the best. We have met just once and already it feels like coming home. Actually it feels like coming home to the front porch...a comfy friendly place to kick back. "Front Porch" is the title of our current series as we learn what the Bible has to say about work and rest. Each week we also have planned a special presentation on organizing, cooking, personal safety, and other practical topics. If you feel like you are just missing something, check out Heart to Heart on Thursday mornings and evenings. I hope to meet you on the front porch!

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