Friday, August 31, 2007

Back-to-School: Year 4

On August 19, East Hills held its fourth annual Project Back-To-School, with Lori Shero returning as the organizer. We supplied more than 60 children attending Butler Acres and Wallace schools with their backpacks and school supplies. The kids brought lists of their teachers, and our volunteers were equipped with lists of what supplies each teacher requires, so each kid could fill his new backpack with just what he needed. At the same time, but we served hot dogs to kids and their parents, washed their cars, and had a Hoppin' House for some to play on while others stocked up.

"The volunteers and donators were generous," Pastor Ann said. "The people who worked were enthusiastic, welcoming, and genuinely expressed the love of Christ to kids and their families. It was enjoyable to be a part of this event."

There were enough leftovers that we were able to make up six extra backpacks and deliver them to Barnes for needy students, and still more extra supplies will go to 25 kids at Community House.

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