Friday, April 13, 2007


A very important Vacation Bible School meeting is going to happen this Thursday at the church from 6:30 to 7:30, and anyone with any interest in participating should be there.

The 2006 VBS will happen from 9:00 to noon on June 25-29. We hope to have 60 to 80 children there, a number that we have experience handling and that has matched well with the space and staff we have available. The outlines of what those kids will be doing for that week is already set. They will arrive to find the sanctuary transformed into the inside of a pirate ship. On the first four days, they will split up and rotate through four activity sites, but on Friday, they will stay in one group for a day of celebration. "Pirate University" is the theme; strangely, there is no Christian pirate curriculum available, so the VBS staff will create their own lessons and materials. The Wilson family will once again grace our stage with an episodic drama, and Caleb, who came up with the name, has already written most of the music. Every child will have a turn hearing the salvation message and be asked to respond by accepting Christ, but the other three sites will have their own response elements as well, rather than just imparting a lesson to passive listeners.

"[The staff] considers the week of VBS one of the most fun weeks of the year," Ann said. "'Pirate University' is easy and fun to promote and has a high interest level for girls and boys."

Tuesday's meeting is when we move from "what" and "when" to "who" and "how." Lori Shero, the director, needs leaders and helpers for the four sites, and the VBS "crew" has to work out which rooms to use and how to dress them as ships, ports, desert islands, and other appropriate locations.

"People will have an opportunity to hear an overview and help decide some of the details," Ann said. "We're looking for people who have a heart for kids, but some things need to be done outside of that week, or even on just one day."

Whether you have an interest in working with children, or would rather cook, pray, or help behind the scenes in other ways, this meeting is the place to find a role that suits your abilities. It's also an opportunity to give your input on the creative aspects.

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