Monday, February 03, 2014

Who Cleans the Carpet?

Ever wonder who cleans the carpet when someone has spilled coffee in the Main Hall (Sanctuary)?  Who changes the light bulbs when they burn out?  Who makes sure that the gutters don’t overflow with leaves and debris each year?  The answer is the Trustees.

This group of six men works hard throughout the year at EHA cleaning, repairing and, in general, making sure the facility we meet in looks well-kept and updated.

The trustees not only clean carpets, replace light fixtures and bulbs, mow grass and do landscaping, they also are responsible for repair of plumbing problems, painting and electrical upgrades.

They are responsible to lock up the church facility when services are over. Once a year they host an all-church cleanup when windows get washed, doors and jambs are wiped, gutters are cleaned out, cob webs dusted out of sight, rock banks repaired and paint projects are planned and completed.

In effect, they keep this building and its grounds looking good for you and for those who visit us.

The next time you see Jim Fishel, Leon Rennells, Brad Whittaker, Fred Mitchell, James McGregor, and Mike Perry—give them a handshake and a greeting of appreciation. They are working hard for you!

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