Monday, February 03, 2014

Annual Celebration A Big Hit! By Nick Stumbo

On Sunday, January 27, East Hills hosted it’s Annual Celebration in the Community Room. This was a powerful time of looking back at the many ways EHA has made an impact in our community with the love of Christ, and also a time of looking ahead to what 2014 holds.

The atmosphere in the room was jovial and engaging as the EHA family watched a 2013 highlight film, shared memories of the past year, and celebrated communion together. (The highlight video can be found on the EHA website under the “about us” tab.) Pastor Nick shared some insights in his annual “State of the Church” address. He directed the audience to I Peter 2:9 and encouraged them to consider how we are called to be a chosen people, a royal priesthood, and a people belonging to God in the coming year.

The annual business portion of the meeting was conducted in under an hour. Some of the highlights were:
- Both the General Fund and Missions giving were at an all-time high in 2013.
- The 2014 Budget passed unanimously.
- New officers for the Deacons, Deaconness, Trustee and Administrative Board were voted into place.
- Bob Simmons and Doug Radke were both affirmed for the role of Elder by an overwhelmingly positive vote.
- A resolution was passed granting the Administrative Board authority to use some of the EHA Captial Fund monies for equipment purchases for the Longview Campus Launch.

It was also noted that while the congregation and leadership are fully on-board with the Longview Campus Launch, the current General Fund budget does not have enough room to accommodate all the expenses a new campus will entail. Pastor Nick encouraged the EHA family to continue asking God to show them what level of involvement they are to have, and if possible to support the Longview Campus Launch with designated giving above and beyond their normal tithe. Anyone wishing to do this on a regular basis should turn in a commitment card, found in the Welcome Center or by contacting the church office.

EHA continues to celebrate a season of unity and togetherness, and this came through again and again during the afternoon. If anyone would like copies of the 2014 budget, the 2013 Annual Reports, or complete minutes of the meeting, please contact the church office.

Looking around the room made more than a few people wonder if this could be the last time East Hills has the space to host the Annual Celebration on-site. The gathering was attended by over 130 people, including kids, and those who attended can attest that the room was full! What a blessing to have so many interested in celebrating the past year and setting the course for the year to come. God has been faithful to us- may we continue to follow Him in all things!

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