Monday, October 21, 2013

Connection Groups

East Hills Alliance has six on-going Connection Groups that encourage fellow believers to meet together for fellowship, prayer, study and discussion. This month, three Connection Group leaders share details about their groups.

 Jesse Jorgensen Young Adult Connection Group 
When Julia and I came to East Hills last spring, one of the things we were excited about being a part of was the Young Adult Group. Ever since the group got its new start in late July we have been looking forward to the meetings and have enjoyed the deepening of friendships being formed through the group.

When the group gathered to talk about our vision for the future, one of the words that came up was “transitional”. That word  really is a great way to describe this group. The years following high school are often one of many transitions. Just think about the changes that can accompany these years. Sometimes, it involves moving away from home, attending college, choosing a degree, changing that degree, transferring to a new college, new jobs, friends move away, relationships change, new relationships are started. Change, adjustments, transition, these things are definitely present in the young adult season of life.

Because of this we have defined our group as, “a gathering for anyone in the transitional time after High School through college and into the start of careers.” We meet on a weekly basis to eat good food, play games, and talk about God and life. The meetings take place at 7pm on Tuesday evenings. The location of the meeting changes as we move around to different homes as different ones in the group offer to host. We even took advantage of the wonderful weather this last summer and met at the lake once. We had a picnic, threw a frisbee around and sat in the grass as we talked about a portion of Scripture and prayed for each other.

Studying Scripture has been important to us. We decided that we would pick a book of the Bible and tear it apart together. Often, we’ll read a chapter a week, one paragraph at a time, and talk about the ideas that stand out to us, discussing the implications of it in our lives. Currently, we are reading through 1 Corinthians. I’m always really impressed at the things that can be learned when a group of people read and talk about the Bible together. Every week it seems, someone says something that I never would have thought on my own. Because of this, I leave the group understanding more about God and my relationship with Him.

The group is always open to new people. If you find yourself in the transitional season of life that we face as young adults, we'd love to have you be part of our group. The best way to get involved is to get in contact with me. I’d love to answer any questions you have about the group, and I can put you on the young adult email list in order to make sure you get the pertinent information about where we meet each week and what we plan to do. You can contact me by email at: or call the church office at 423.0521.

Steve and Susan Jones
The Jones' Connection group meets Wednesdays at 6:30p for dessert at 129 Merced Drive in Kelso.

Our group consists of a variety of people in different stages of life. We have empty  nesters and families with children, shift workers and people who are retired. Our main focus is on prayer. We also go over one or more questions from the weekend's services. We try to fit in a fun night once a month as well as a community service outreach

Last Wednesday we met at the Greg and Karla Bean's home for a game night. We hope to help prepare meals once a month at the Community House this year. Last year we served at the Caring Pregnancy Center by sorting baby clothes and cleaning baby equipment.

“I so appreciate the close friendships that are developed and the love and growth that takes place,” Susan said. ”I hope you will consider spending your Wednesday nights with us.”

For more information, contact  Steve at 431.1253.

The Simmons’ Connection Group
Meets the 1st and 3rd Sunday of each month from about 12:45p until about 3p Bob and Chris Simmons are both the leaders and the hosts for this group which meets at their home at 700 Canaan Court in Kelso (near Huntington Middle School).

We meet together and enjoy lunch and conversation about what has been going on in our lives over the past couple weeks.  After lunch, we talk about the sermon for that week with an emphasis on how we can apply the principles presented to our lives in the coming days and weeks.  We finish by dividing into men’s and women’s groups to share prayer requests and pray for the needs of each other and the church.

Please contact Bob or Chris if you’re interested in joining their group.
636.5079 – home
747.3773 – Bob’s cell

Leon and Rene Rennells 
Members: Chris Hageman, Kim & Tim Hansen, Marge Kalal, Doug & Betty Rae Radke, Leon & Rene' Rennells, and Jerry & Bobbi Wilson

Meet Wednesdays weekly, 6:00 to 7:30p, at Rennells' home, 2370 38th Ave., Longview.
Elements of meetings: ice breakers, sermon discussions & prayer in various orders and formats with light refreshments.

Connection Group description: admittedly a few gray hairs in group but each has a passion for children, we encourage each other through highs and lows of life, desire to serve others as directed by Holy Spirit, laugh at ourselves a lot & support each other in prayer during the week.

For more information on the Rennell’s
Connection Group, contact Leon at 442.0545.

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