Monday, October 21, 2013

Meet Todd & Karen Dinius

An update from the Dinius family on their work in Bosnia. 
August 2013
Greetings from Indiana!  

We have been back in the US for home assignment for three months now and have been thoroughly enjoying time with our family and friends!  We spent much of the first 2 months with Karen's family in Pennsylvania, including a family vacation to Bethany Beach, Delaware.  Bethany was so excited to have a beach named after her!  We also attended our church denomination's bi-annual meeting (C&MA General Council) in Tampa, Florida as a whole family in June and Todd attended two training conferences in Colorado Springs, Colorado in July.  It was so good to connect with our fellow International Workers from around the world, particularly those who were sent out 4 years ago with us.  We finally moved on to Indiana at the end of July.  We've spent this past month getting settled into a home, visiting friends, starting school, and preparing for Fall tour.

Answers to Prayer
God has answered many prayers and we want to give Him glory for His goodness and provision!

Housing:  God provided a home for us that is owned by a couple who attend the local Chinese Alliance church.  It is in a quiet neighborhood that is within a 5 minute walk to Bethany’s elementary school.  It also is within walking distance of 7 playgrounds!

Joshua’s Health:  Joshua received ear tubes in early June and his hearing has improved a lot!  As well, he has not been coughing frequently like he did overseas, so we are thankful for this improvement which we are praying continues.

Adjustment:  Our adjustment to being back in the US has gone well overall.  Bethany and Kaitlyn have transitioned smoothly, and Joshua, although missing Bosnia immensely, is getting used to being in America. We all were greatly blessed with fun times this summer connecting with family and friends.

School:  Bethany really enjoys first grade and is like a sponge learning math, reading, and writing.  She is excited to go to school and is already making good friends.  Joshua is looking forward to starting a Pre-K program next week at a nearby church.

The Source:  Our teammates in Bosnia have had a full summer of ministry through camps and English programs as well as personal time to travel and rest.

Prayer Requests
Todd’s Health:  Todd has had multiple tests and appointments with doctors regarding the black-outs/seizures that he has had.  So far no direct cause has been identified, but he is now taking anti-seizure medication to reduce the possibility of it happening again.

Washington Tour:  Todd will be traveling to churches in Washington state for nine weeks beginning at the end of September, not returning to Indiana until right before

Thanksgiving.  Karen and the children will fly out to visit Todd and the church in Kelso, Washington for a long weekend in October.  Please pray for Karen and the children during this long time of separation! Please pray for Todd’s interactions with churches as he shares about God’s work in Bosnia.

Spiritual Refreshment:  We are attending Eagle Church (C&MA) in Zionsville, Indiana and have enjoyed the times of worship there.  Please pray for continued spiritual and emotional renewal for our family as we worship, pray, and fellowship with others.

Bosnian Friend:  Lily, the woman who was going to church with us for the past year, has been traveling a lot over the summer.  Please pray that as she returns to Sarajevo that she and her daughter, Lucy, will get reconnected to church and begin studying the Bible with our co-worker, Kathy.

The Source:  Our team's center is set to start their Fall programs.  Please pray for deepening of relationships with children and families as the center begins classes, seminars, and special activities in September.

Connecting With Us
We would love to connect with you personally while we are back in the US. Our address for the year is: 708 Avondale Street, West Lafayette, IN 47906.

If you are in Washington state and want to connect with Todd while he is out there, then please send us a message.

Thanks so much for your prayers and support!

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