Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Mexico Missions

The Team: Josh Droke, Logan Taylor, Randi Taylor, Keven Broschat, Claudia Broschat, Christian Broschat, Kendall Broschat, Shannon Gilman, Kyle Gilman, Justin Gilman, Vicki Echerd

What we’re looking forward to:
Kendall: Looking forward to playing with the children and making new friends.

Claudia: I am looking forward to stepping out of my comfort zone and making a bigger impact in missions.  We are told that mission work can happen in our everyday lives through the people we come in contact with all around us. I like this idea of missions because it requires little on my part.  It's easy.  Working at an elementary school, I have a huge responsibility to positively affect the children around me through my words and actions.  I do that every day without even thinking about it.  It is a natural part of who I am.To think about missions on a global scale is whole other thing. I am not a very outgoing or social person. Sitting in the background and quietly observing is where I can be found most days.  Going on this Mexico Mission trip is a step outside the norm for me.  I feel like I will actually be doing something on the missions field. It is exciting and scary.  I pray the bravery I assume others have who have gone on mission trips in the past finds it way to me.  My nerves tell me this is a huge leap but hopefully when it's over it will be a small step.  A hand-holding small step I have taken with family and friends.

Keven: I'm looking most forward to this being an eye opening experience for all the children.  Don't get me wrong, I'm looking forward to being able to serve God by spreading the word and doing work in his name, but, we could do that and have done that here.  I anticipate seeing how everyone responds to serving people without the distractions of cell phones, televisions and all the things that go with being in a comfortable and familiar environment.  In Mexico, it will be about serving God without distractions.  I want the children to see how having God in your life can be enough to fill you up, and a lot of the things or items don't matter as much as they think.

Shannon: First of all I am excited about taking this mission trip with my two younger boys and my mom.  I am looking forward to watching my sons grow while they serve. I also see this as a time where we will bond with each other and my mom as well. Our family has a sponsor child at Rancho de sus Niño’s and her name is Dianna; I cannot wait to see how much she has grown not just physically but spiritually. There are a few other girls that I made connections with and I cannot wait to see them again. The children and staff at Rancho have a special place in my heart and I look forward to introducing them to more of my family and hearing how things have been and how God is using them. I also am looking forward to meeting new people as we do on these trips; meeting the new staff and family at Rancho as well as other team members from other churches.  I love going and ministering into the villages.  There is a hunger for God, there is a hunger for healing, and there is a hunger for his love. I just love that we get to be used by God and we get to go along with the teenagers  from Rancho and other adult staff (most who grew up at the orphanage) and we get to witness to the people and love on them.

Justin: Working with the children in Mexico and serving God.

Kyle: This is new for me and I know God has big plans for me. I look forward to using my Spanish I have been learning the last two years.

Our prayer requests:
Shannon: That my boys will be transformed by this trip.   Also, that we will have neither health complications nor injuries and that we will be kept safe. I know from previous trips team members can get tired so pray that we can all keep in good spirits.

Kyle: Pray for protection and that we glorify God on this trip!

Justin: Pray that we will have no injuries, illnesses, and learn what God wants us to learn.

Vicki: That I would see God move in ways that I’ve not seen before; that I will be willing to get out of my comfort zone; that I won’t get in the way of His plan; that I will see what God has prepared for me to see (fully expecting to be blown away by what He will do); that there will be harmony with me and my travel buddies; that I won’t listen to the “mocking voice;” that I can deal with the heat.

Claudia: Pray for safe travel there and back.

Keven: Please pray for my back. It's been bothering me  lately and I'm a little worried about the long drives, sleeping conditions, and some of the work we'll be doing.  I'm hoping that I won't aggravate it more. Please pray for all of our  safety and health.

Josh: I am praying that I will be more focused on what God is doing than on the logistics of the trip, and that what He is up to will be more important to me that anything else.  Please pray that we all choose our words carefully, choose patience over stubbornness, and choose to come together for a movement of God that is way bigger than ourselves.

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