Monday, April 08, 2013

The Chronological Bible- Week 14

Well, hopefully you are having more success reading through the Chronological Bible than we are keeping the blog up to date! Things got a little hectic around Easter and a few weeks were overlooked, but the blog is back and ready for your input!

This, in my mind, is where reading the Bible chronologically gets really good. Up until this point, the Scriptures have been pretty linear- one story following another in a logical, sequential fashion. Now, however, we have stories occurring in multiple books, other books that interrupt or occur during the stories, and additional writings that provide comment, prayers, or prophetic words on the events that are happening. Placing the material together as the Chronological Bible does, really makes these stories come to life.

This week marks the inauguration of the era of the Kings. Saul, David and Solomon will all appear on the scene soon, followed by the lesser known kings of the divided kingdom. Before the kings ascend to the thrown, we meet the man Samuel. The prophet Samuel becomes a transitional figure between the sporadic, regional leadership of the judges and the over-arching rule of the monarchy. Samuel becomes the first nationwide leader in Israel since the time of Joshua. He plays a crucial role in directing the hearts and minds of the people back to God. In fact, he will take this role all the way into the reign of David. Watch how Samuel becomes a represenation of the voice and will of God throughout these stories!

What are you learning? What is God challenging you with this week?

Blessings on your week and on your reading. Read on!


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Wayne said...

Some of Saul's choices are challenging to me. When he chose not to wait to offer sacrifices when Samuel didn't show up at the appointed time.

Waiting on God's timing for the things in our life that He is doing can be tough.