Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Chronological Bible- Week 11

This is the final week of reading in the Pentateuch! (5 books of the Law) After this, the nature and flavor of Scripture really changes. So even though some of the reading is a bit cumbersome, try to appreciate the uniqueness of this section of Scripture. Realize that for hundreds of years, this alone WAS the Hebrew Bible. I always find the end of Moses' life to be particularly compelling- his relationship with God, his willingness to lead well to the end even though he wouldn't enter the promised land, and the passing on of his leadership to Joshua.

The "blessings and curses" section gives a particularly instructive view into Old Covenant theology: do this and good will happen, don't do this and bad will happen! But notice how their security- the ability of the people to dwell successfully in the land- was tied to their willingness to live within the Covenant. Though the terms of our Covenant with God through Jesus Christ are radically different, I believe the same can be said of us. Our ability to live a "successful" life in this world is directly related to our willingness to be "Covenant people" who have bound ourselves to life in and through Jesus Christ.

What are you learning?
What do you find interesting?

Interact, ask questions, and let the reading cause you to wrestle-


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