Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Chronological Bible- Week 8

This week, our reading journey takes us into the book of Numbers. Here we see the people of Israel beginning to take stock of their tribes and the ordering of their people. The commands of sacrifice and worship begin to normalize and we see the priesthood in action. We also see the people continue to wrestle with what it means to trust God in this desert place. He is leading them with cloud and fire to a Promised Land, but the road is long and difficult. Many will lose heart and miss out on the promise. But through all these stories, I believe God is building into the people an awareness of what it takes to follow Him and be his people. The new generation he brings up will have the faithlessness of their ancestors as a backdrop for entrance into God's land.

Keep up the reading!

What thoughts are you processing this week?




Linda said...

I am reminded again how our God is a God of order. It was interesting that the order of the tribes around the sides of the tabernacle was not in birth order or size number or alphabetical as we might assume would be the case. I know He had a reason for the order he commanded, I'm just not sure what...nor does it really is just interesting to me.

Lori said...

I am having trouble with the story of Balaam...and maybe I am getting bogged down with details here but I don't understand why God would tell him to get up and go with the Midianites and then get angry that he went!