Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Chronological Bible- Week 6

To all of you who have been reading and keeping up in the Chronological Bible- Woo-hoo! Way to go! Keep it up. To all of you jumping in, or who feel like you've fallen behind- I'm so glad you are on the journey. Don't forget about Grace Monday; the invitation to start each week new no matter how far behind you may be. Pick up fresh and track with us for the week- you'll be glad you did.

This week launches us full-time into the Desert wanderings and into the language of the covenant. In this later part of Exodus, God begins to show people who He is and how to relate to him. We see the people of Israel struggle and wrestle with what it means to be people of the Presence and no longer live as citizens of Egypt. God pours forth his standards in laws and commands related to every area of life- ceremonial, sacrificial, the temple, relationships, you name it! After a "worship-many-gods-live-for-yourself" attitude of Egypt, this had to be a huge adjustment for the newly-free Israelites.

I imagine that though our experience is much different, our struggle to truly walk with God and live as His people carries many similarities to these Israelites. Living out God's commands in a pluralistic, post-Christian era can be hard to do. Understanding God's view of holiness in light of the laissez-faire attiude of other around us can be intimidating. Yet I believe when we allow ourselves to face these issues and not run from them, we begin to discover the heart of faith.

What are you processing this week?

What are you planning to let go of during the season of Lent?

What are you planning to pick up during Lent in order to live more Christ focused?

Thanks for reading- now take a moment to share!


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