Monday, March 26, 2012

No Longer Driving Through Drive Through!

My first reaction to observing Lent was, "great,. What am I going to give up this year?". Being a perfectionist makes that a difficult choice. It has to be the right thing!

But then it came to me, "Fast Food"? I wrestled with that for a few days. Was it good enough? Did it make sense? Was this what I really needed to do?

The answer…. YES!!!!! See, I was getting into the habit of eating out for breakfast and lunch almost every day of the week. So, I decided this was it and went for it. On February 24 I had a Whopper Combo Meal for dinner, saying goodbye and all that; it tasted okay but was nothing special. I quickly decided that I needed to add that anything that had a drive through counted. No espresso drive through!

What have I learned these past 3 weeks? Eating fast food is very expensive and makes it all that much more difficult to make ends meet. I don’t feel as bogged down or sluggish by all the salt intake so I have more energy. I have also noticed that if I am not driving to or sitting in a drive through that my gas tank doesn’t empty quite as fast.

This Lenten year, I feel like God is showing me just how badly I have been treating the house my soul is trying to live in. What kind of example am I setting for my teens? OUCH!!!! That He has so much He wants to give me, but if I am burying everything under all that garbage, that He is under there somewhere. This year God has given me strength to think about what I am putting in my face. Am I eating to live or living to eat? As I am writing this, the Holy Spirit is whispering to me… how great would it be to have a new body here on earth as it will be in Heaven? I am thinking…..BRING IT ON!!!!!!!!

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