Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Team Bosnia- Day 7

How do I begin to describe what this trip has been like? How do I describe the hopelessness that a lot of the young people feel about the state of their country? How do I convey the underlying distrust and the very distinct underlying ethnic and religious lines people have set up in their lives to guard themselves? When I look at the city of Sarajevo, I could easily give in to hopelessness and give up on the area and on the people. However, when I get into prayer with the rest of the team, whether we are walking around the city or in a room praying for the city and for specific individuals, I get a glimpse of what God wants for Sarajevo. When we meet with the different pastors and hear about ministries that are going on, and we hear their hearts crying out for a people group to be saved, then I get excited for Sarajevo. When friends daily meet together for coffee in Sarajevo, I am reminded of the early church, who met regularly to eat together and to praise and worship God. Would you pray with us for the city of Sarajevo? Would you pray that God would continue to move and soften people's hearts? Would you pray that God's light would shine in a very dark place? God's word tells us that darkness cannot abide where light is. Would you pray that Sarajevo would be filled with God's light? I am excited for the potential in Sarajevo, Bosnia!!!

Izvor is also holding an open house on Saturday. At least 150 people have been invited to come to this open house. While we are working on preparations for the open house, would you join us in praying that connections and relationships would be made? This is not an evangelistic event, but would you be praying for the people who come to the center? God is doing amazing things here!! Come join us!! -Nathan

(PS- The photos are of 1)Karen Dinius, Allianc worker, posing with kids school supplies EHA sent, and 2) our team praying together at Izvor.)

(PPS- While I truly appreciate the five people who responded to the last post, I think I failed to convey my true intent. I am hoping to spur on thoughts, conversations, etc, on ALL our posts! Therefore, I will now offer a Bosnian souvenir to the person who most faithfully interacts with the team blog between now and when we return. May the most faithful prayer warrior prevail!)


Bob Simmons said...

Being in Sarajevo last years helps me as I pray. I can picture the places, people & smells. There is much to pray for.
Bob Simmons

Anonymous said...

OK I am NOT posting in hopes of a prize! My comment in yesterday's blog about being envious started me thinking about recent messages. These dealt with our mission in our own home towns. Nick's comments today discussing how young people don't trust and how religion is used to draw lines only reinforces my thoughts. I believe there is a definite parallel between what OUR team sees in Sarajevo and what our young people and non-Christians in Longview/Kelso see. My point is that our battlefield is very close! But that has been Nick's point all along.

Pastor Nick said...

Bob- you would love this trip! WE have been able to relate with so many local believers- it makes the trip totally different.

Steve- Good observations! Our team has commented a lot that what we see hear, we also see in our own city, just on a smaller scale. Everything seems magnified here. Think of it this way- our city is 1/10th the size but with 10x more believers. Wow. Light is needed everywhere, but here especially.

And fyi- nathan wrote that last blog.

Anonymous said...

You never told us if Caleb is feeling better! Caleb, I have been praying for your health!

Lori Shero

Steve Waller said...

Well here I am again trying to send a message.I thought about having the grand kids brought over so they could show me what I was doing wrong,but when I got up Evan was here to save my day.
About souvenirs.A souvenir would be great,I get them just about everywhere I go,when I'm at the beach or just out walking.The souvenirs that I'm looking forward to are the testimonies of how God's spirit moved in you and through you as you took Jesus to the people of Bosnia.When peole here at home listen they to will say "Send me". Thanks Steve Waller

Pastor Nick said...


Good point. Caleb is doing much better today. He has seemed like himself again- he took over 150 pictures just today, so you know he's feeling well!