Sunday, September 18, 2011

Team Bosnia- Day 4

We are back from the mountains, so I am finally getting to update again. It is now Sunday afternoon here, and we are preparing to participate in the Malta church service tonight. This is a young church and probably the largest in Sarajevo (50 people or so). I will be preaching for the 6th time in 3 days, so you can pray for continued energy. God has been so good to me in that way so far.

The guys really had an amazing time at Jahorina with the Bosnian men. We were at an area very close to the 1984 Cross Country skiing Olympic Venue. A beautiful mountain retreat cabin that was built by a former missionary from Germany. 10 guys from the Malta church came with us, many of them young men who accepted Christ through a drug rehab program. They were a great group and really open to us. A highlight was playing paintball in the woods with us, and believe me when I say they showed the Americans no mercy. We all have welts to prove it. I’ll post a picture soon.

The gals also had a great weekend. There were about 35 ladies at the pampering seminar, and several of them had never come to the church before so that was very encouraging for the international workers. The beads and supplies that we sent over were very appreciated.

This morning we helped lead the church service at Ilizda, a small church in the west end of Sarajevo. When I say small, I mean that your living room is likely larger than where we met. They have a faithful group, mostly ladies, who meet each week. They also have a vision to reach a people group that they feel are completely unreached. Pray for Pastor Zelko and this church!

Thanks for praying with us! We will hope to have other team members post their thoughts, as well as more pictures, during this next week we are here.

God is good!


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Mary Hagle said...

What we heard from Dennis Pust brought such clarity to what you are doing in Bosnia. He talked about our being salt and light, and how that isn't optional, that if we love Christ, we will love the nations; all people, and want to share Jesus' love with them. Prayers for each of you today . . . for the "white light" of His love and spirit would glow in your heart of hearts, and in everything you do.