Thursday, February 10, 2011

Mentoring. Walking alongside. Friendship

What is the value to us in one life lived in a side-by-side relationship with the Creator of the Universe? As I considered focusing on love for the February newsletter, something held me back. I didn’t have romantic love in mind. Certainly Hallmark and flower shops have the corner on that market, in many ways.

I was thinking instead of one of the loves Lewis discusses in The Four Loves: Friendship. We may still yet come back to the subject of love in a later issue of The House. Lewis’ is not a simple idea. Like most of his observations, there are many twists and turns and "attic rooms" to take captive our minds and imaginations. What was sticking in my mind about love is his statement about Friendship: "What have all these ’unconcerning things, matters of fact’ to do with the real question, Do you see the same truth?.

This question is the base, for Lewis, of Friendship.

Then came the loss of such a true friend as Tom Hight. And on the heels of his memorial service, the Celebration Service message about Mentorship. The rapidity of it all took our breath away. But, it’s no surprise, really, where God took us. This issue of The House is about Mentoring, and most particularly, the Mentoring some of us were privileged to experience from Tom. And how he asked Lewis’ question: Do you see the same truth?

Thank you so much, those of you who were willing to share your experiences with Tom, and what it meant to be mentored by him. Yet another gift from his life: an example for us all as we follow our pastor’s invitation to ask God to show us whom we might mentor, and be mentored by.

    - Mary Hagle







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