Thursday, February 10, 2011

A Mentor Named Tom

By: Cameron McKinney 

Tom was my Mentor. We met on Wednesdays every other week at Starbucks. We started out just getting to know one another over several weeks, sharing family backgrounds, how we met our spouses and how we came to know and follow Jesus Christ.

     He was the one I would talk to if I was having family struggles or had questions on Godly parenting. Tom was always encouraging and never had a judgmental response to anything I shared. He was an excellent example of what a godly man is and should be.

     I know when someone dies, people "come out of the woodwork" to say all kinds of good things about them even if they didn't really know them. However, with Tom, he had a way of impacting everyone he came into contact with. 

Tom was the man I want to become. He was generous, kind and always willing to help or listen. Tom was a righteous man and full of Godly wisdom.

     There was a time when one of my children had a bit of an "error in judgment" and Tom offered some advice that most likely saved me from making a very serious parenting mistake. His advice also preserved my child’s dignity, saving them from further humiliation, while restoring them to a place where they could have continued positive influences and be able to rebuild trust. Because I followed Tom's Godly advice, that child felt the freedom to repent and not repeat the same unwise choices.

      I miss Tom and can't wait to see him on the other side. Knowing he is with our precious LORD and SAVIOR brings great comfort. Yet I must confess to being envious of who he gets to keep company with, "Since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses". I'm truly excited for him. I imagine him dozing off in his EZ-chair, then waking up and the first thing he sees is "THE SON of THE LIVING GOD, JESUS THE CHRIST" our Master and King, surrounded by ten thousand times ten thousands of His angels and the great cloud of witnesses. WOW!!! AWESOME!!!  I can't wait to join him. "Soon and very soon we are going to see the King"! Amen



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