Saturday, November 24, 2007

Thumbs Up at All-Church Meeting

After months of meetings, research, and discussion, and a preliminary meeting earlier in the month, we had our all-church meeting to discuss the proposed sanctuary remodel. The Sunday potluck was well attended (113 adults and kids). Adults feasted on casseroles, breads, salads, and a whole table full of desserts while kids had their own menu and activities in the youth room.

After lunch Pastor Nick brought the meeting to order and there was an overview presented by S.I.T. (Sanctuary Remodel Team) with boards and drawings showing design ideas to this point. We were also able to get a three dimensional view from cad drawings by Josh Brown. A question and answer time followed with particualr interest in the proposed glass doors and the stained glass options.

I was impressed by the wide range of projects that have been researched over the past eight months. Everything from roofing and electrical to lighting and sound have been considered. I see that this is much more complicated than a home remodel.

After discussion and understanding that the details would not be decided on for some time, Jim Hart suggested we take a vote. The vote was to decide on the scope of the project by agreeing to seek approval for a loan from Alliance Development Fund for up to $173,000. The vote was open to everyone. Of the 80 votes cast, 75 were in favor of moving ahead with the project. This seems to me to be a strong "thumbs up" for us to continue with this undertaking.

In closing Pastor Nick thanked the S.I.T. for their many hours of important work for the EHA family. I add my thanks as well. Leon, Bob, Tom, Kirk, Jean, Katrina, and Jeremy, thank you so much! You are the greatest!

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