Saturday, November 03, 2007

Remodeling Town Hall Meeting: Tuesday, 11/6

Be sure to pick up a hard-copy of the Headlight at this weekend's services. It contains the Sanctuary Improvement Team's recommendations for remodeling not only the sanctuary itself, but the foyer, its front stairways, and the balcony. For many of the structural improvements, such as the proposed new platform, the team has arrived at what they feel is a strong, well-thought-out proposal. Some of the finish options, such as color choices, are further from a final decision and are presented only as examples of what is possible.

The SIT is making the information available now so that we can think it over in advance of the town hall meeting at the church at 6:30 Tuesday. There will be no vote held and no decision made at that meeting, but it is an opportunity for us to offer questions, opinions, and concerns about the proposal. Pastor Nick will lead the town hall meeting, and Bob Shaw and other members of the team will be there.

The church leadership will consider the feedback from the town hall meeting before constructing an official proposal. At a full general meeting, tentatively scheduled for November 19, East Hills members and attenders will have a vote on that proposal.

This Tuesday town hall meeting is an important one. It is a chance to preview and even influence the proposal we will soon vote on. More importantly, no work can can go forward without good participation from church members. The leadership must approve any building project, and the Alliance Development Fund will loan us the money, but neither will try to remodel anything without a show of support form the congregation. My dad, Tom Hight, is on the SIT team, so I know firsthand the importance the team places on thoughtful questions and feedback of all kinds.

(See this archive page for an older Headlight entry listing some of the changes the SIT is considering.)

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