Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I'm Baaaack!

“So…what was it like?” That is the question I have been asked this morning, my first day back after a month long sabbatical. I could easily come up with a basketful of answers, because it was a time of variety and freedom. I read less than I expected to, prayed more, stayed up later and played Carcasonne and HeroScape addictively. I cleaned and reorganized, and sat – just sat – on the glider in the backyard, and spent a couple of days in silence at a monastery. I was not drawn to my computer, e-mail, or phone, and being unplugged fed my freedom. But there were times, especially on the weekends that I was acutely homesick for my church family, and I am so glad to be back in this place today. As I sit here watching a robin tugging on a worm in the back grass I know it is the little common things that are so dear. Yes, I loved being on sabbatical and thank the church leadership for investing in me in this generous way, but I do so love being back…at home.

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