Monday, May 06, 2013

The Chronological Bible- Week 18

Hey Folks! Thanks for keeping up with the reading through the Old Testament. May the Spirit continue to whisper good things from the Word!

This week, we'll watch the transition of leadership from David to his son Solomon. I'm always encouraged by the ways in which David created a leadership position for Solomon, encouraged him, and then helped protect Solomon's kingdom while he was still alive. The typical pattern of kingship in those days would have been for an old king to hold onto power until he died. David, however, looked ahead and saw that he needed to pass on leadership to his son while he still had a say in the matter. There's a lesson here about leading and leaving a legacy.

There's also a lesson here about wisdom. Early in his leadership, Solomon receives the blessing of wisdom from the Lord. But by the end of his life, he has compromised his leadership, and the entire kingdom, through the worship of foriegn and false gods. This is a sad commentary on the move of the human heart- we can know all there is to know in the world, but the focus of our worship will always determine the outcome of our lives. So, what you know isn't nearly as important as what (or who) you worship!

May your reading lead you into deeper and more authentic worship of the one true God!


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