Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Risky Business, by Mary Hagle

It’s so much easier to "play it safe" isn’t it? And in so many ways, it’s what our parents taught us, out of their love and concern for our happiness and well-being.

Many of us grew up with, and passed on to our children, adages about "being reasonable" "taking precautions", not "going out on a limb".

In many ways, these are practical and wise words. However, it is not the example Jesus demonstrated.

He risked it all, again and again. He spoke the truth in love, and was extremely unpopular, to say the least! And, finally, His words gave fuel to the fire of hatred that put Him on the Cross.

So, why shouldn’t we "be reasonable, take precautions, and avoid the risk"? Because, if we remain in a place that is comfortable, and never risk change, and failure, and having to get back up and try again when we do fail, we’ll never know what amazing and miraculous things God has that He wants to do through us.

If Jesus had shrunk back from what He knew the Father’s will to be for His life, He could have avoided the Cross, and you wouldn’t be reading these words, because there would be no church for you to be a part of, no fellowship of believers, and only darkness in this world.

So, we are at the threshold of a new year, yet again. What one thing is God asking you to take action about, to step out in faith about, or to participate in that is new, scary and risky?

Some possibilities He might ask you to give yourself to:

1. Taking an active role in the church planting EHA is moving toward this year

2. Getting on the EHA volunteer list for Love INC

3. Becoming a part of the worship team

4. Choosing one ministry of EHA as your petitionary prayer focus

5. Talking to Ann about a teacher or helper position in Kidville

6. Becoming a part of a Life Group

7. Seeking out a mentor for listening to your spiritual journey and being a prayer partner with you about it.

Yes, Jesus’ call, and God’s will for His life, was exceptional and unique, but the amazing thing is, that’s true for our lives, too. He has exceptional and unique plans for your life, for changes in your walk of obedience to Him. He is waiting to reveal them to you.

IF you kept a journal, what could you write on December 31, 2012, about how God walked through your life in this year? Would you have an amazing story of having followed in His direction, having taken risks and been on a journey you could never have imagined?

Take a risk. Ask Him where, when, what and how. See what He says.

Matthew 19:26-27

Proverbs 3: 5-7

Ephesians 1: 6, 12, 14

Send your thoughts, questions, ideas, book recommendations and experiences to:

hagle54@gmail.com, or

Mary Hagle c/o EHA, 1405 East Burcham Street, Kelso WA 98626.

We grow as we share . . .

Mary Hagle

Editor, The House

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