Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Some of you will recognize Love INC by another name: Servant Week.

For the last 5 years, area churches have banded together for a week (or two) of service to the community. During these 5 years, hundreds of Christ’s servants gave time, talents, and energy to help needy individuals, whole neighborhoods, schools, and city governments.

The idea of service together was such a success that requests started coming in for year-round help. As a result, the participating pastors made the decision to adopt a more permanent structure for serving the community, i.e., Love INC. Love In the Name of Christ officially was launched last fall and later (last February) hired me (Larry Russell) as the Executive Director.

Here’s what Love INC does. We mobilize believers in the local participating congregations (about 22 at present) to meet the needs of people falling through the cracks. This week a group of us helped move an elderly woman into a new apartment. She could find no one to help her and started calling churches. One of the churches called Love INC and 24 hours later she was in her new apartment. The same day over 100 youth from area churches cleaned trash out of 12 Highlands alleys. Next month we will replace a leaky roof for an elderly widow in North Kelso. As I am writing this letter to you, a call came in to help clean an elderly man’s yard.

Another Love INC ministry is "Loving Teachers". This program purchases school supplies for teachers to give to needy kids. These are supplies the teachers normally have to buy themselves.

Mobilizing the saints for serving the community has given the church tremendous favor in our two cities. Hundreds of opportunities (divine appointments) are just waiting for God’s people to meet. Many of these calls for help will come to Love INC. Saturday, June 18th and Sunday, June 19th I’ll be at East Hills Alliance to tell you how you can be part of what many are calling "The Movement."

-Larry Russell

Executive Director

Love INC of Cowlitz County


Contact Love INC

by calling:

(360) 430-1355

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