Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Ordination Celebration

May 24 we celebrated the ordination of Reverend Caleb Cox! Ordination is a two-year process that involves reading books, writing papers, attending ministry “module” workshops, and intense study which leads up to a grueling interview. Caleb took his two-hour interview in March and passed with flying colors.

Ordination it is a stamp of approval on Caleb’s ministry by the district leadership. This is a confirmation of what we at East Hills already know, that Caleb is a worthy servant of God who handles the Word well, and knows how to apply it to his own life and helps others do the same.
Many people from East Hills were in attendance as well as some special guests from out of state. Caleb and Becky’s families from California came for the event, some family friends of Caleb’s and his youth pastor from high school.

Caleb’s ordination mentor, Tim Heffer, a C&MA pastor in Lacey, WA, gave a charge to Caleb to live in the current of faith alongside such biblical heroes as David, Abraham, Deborah, and Noah. John Thompson, Caleb’s former youth pastor, spoke about Caleb’s compassion, artistic ability, leadership, empathy, and the value of his wife Becky. Erik Williams came from the district office to affirm that God says to Caleb “U Da Man.”

The evening also included a special presentation to Caleb from the rest of the staff at East Hills. Nick presented a sweatshirt from local high school RA Long, while Ann protested that he should receive her gift of a Kelso sweatshirt since he lives in Kelso. Jeff, our intern, came through with a sweatshirt from his alma mater, Cheyenne East High in Wyoming.

The evening concluded with a time of prayer and blessing on Rev. Caleb and Becky and a delightful reception that had been put together in honor of the occasion.

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