Thursday, March 20, 2008

Construction Derby

As I sit here in the church office typing an article about the remodel, the sounds, smells, and sights of it filter through to me. Outside my window, I see workers putting the finishing touches on the brand new roof. I hear them pounding the final nails on the last side of the roof to be completed. And I smell the comforting scent of grilled cheese sandwiches prepared for the crew from EHA working in the sanctuary today. The project is in full swing. Walls have been demolished. Paneling has been pulled down. Doors have been removed. Now it's time to build the new pieces to replace the old. Today, for example, the platform is being expanded. New steps are leading up to an enlarged platform surface to make more room for dramas like the one performed last week.

Volunteers have been generous with their time and talents. Sunday afternoon, the pews were removed in record time. Monday & Tuesday, large crews removed paneling, carpet, sheet rock, walls, doors, and anything else in view. Work is right on schedule. The roofers should be finishing up in the next day. Although the sun is shining brightly, it is again raining. The rain has slowed up the work somewhat, and has caused a few downpours inside the sanctuary, but work continues anyway. The electricians are coming on Tuesday, and plan to be done by Thursday. This was one area that we didn't know how difficult it would be until the walls were opened up. "Things look good" according to Leon Rennells, project co-lead. "Some things are getting done that are on the list, and some things aren't, but it will all even out."

Thanks to all who have participated so far. There is plenty more work to be done. Stop by the church during the week to take a peek at the progress, or to offer your services. More photos of the project are available at

Join us for the Good Friday service at 7:00 in the demolished sanctuary.

Join us this weekend as we meet at Kelso High School. Service begins at 10:30 in the auditorium, coffee & goodies are available at 10:00.

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