Friday, July 06, 2007

Pirate University Graduates First Class

Our vacation Bible School, called Pirate University, is now history. We had a great week, June 25-29, with the church filled with little pirates learning about courage, following directions, teamwork, and kindness. Pastor Nick was not available for the week, but a mysterious new guy called Captain Nick Sparrow was around all week. Hmmm. There was a slight resemblance, but, no, it couldn't be that our senior pastor would really be a pirate captain, now could it? Arrrrgh.

It was great fun to be a part of this yearly event. The stage and drama set the course of excellence for the week. Here is part of an e-mail I received this week: I just wanted to say another big hootie hoot for the VBS drama team and all those who were involved with the set building for the sanctuary. I know the Wilson family did so so much and the drama and those incredible sets just really made VBS! It was fantastic!!! They were fantastic! The kids all commented that the drama and the sets were their favorite of all of VBS. How impressive and what a dedication they have!
There was also excellence behind the scenes. Our P.U. staff mornings began in Pastor Caleb's office with a prayer time. And each day waiting for us was a morning snack, beverege, verse on a scroll, and piratey treat. Thank you to Susan and Mary for your creative care.

There were about 40 volunteers who made Pirate University a success. If you were one of them I hope you have a sense of the difference you made. You answered the call and helped kids see the power and love of Jesus Christ. Behind the scenes or out front, one task or all week, you are the heartbeat of Pirate University. Thank you so much.

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