Friday, March 02, 2007

Drama in Heaven

Drama in Heaven
By Ann Hight

When God walked in to the drama room
He could hardly believe His eyes,
Half the crew was late again
and the props were all the wrong size.

Some of the actors were dozing,
Some were playing cards
And some were having an argument
About who should be the stars.

Paul was in the corner
doing rewrites on the script
“I think I’ve almost got it,”
For the fiftieth time he quipped

Moses, in the back room
was trying hard to learn his part
“I just can’t seem to say it right”
He was surely losing heart.

Spotlights leaned in the corner
And no one seemed to care
The wardrobe mistress worried
about John and that camel hair.

Peter kept on coming up
with new ideas for the set,
“Let’s build three of them”, he cried
“This is my best plan yet”

Something sure was missing
in heaven’s drama room
Without a fresh solution
God knew the play was doomed.

Suddenly a knowing smile
replaced God’s worried frown.
“Peter, drop your hammer.
Go get me Dana Brown.”

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