Saturday, May 06, 2006

Please vote

East Hills is currently in the middle of an all-mail election. On Tuesday, May 2, the church sent out ballots to the (just over 100) official members, so they can vote on two proposed by-laws amendments.

Amendment No. 1 would change the Board of Deacons rules so that we are technically allowed to elect six deacons instead of four, which we have been doing anyway for some time. No. 2 would direct the Elder Board to write and enforce a conflict of interest policy for church leaders. (Full disclosure: I am the son of Ann Hight, Pastor of Women's Ministries, and Tom Hight, an elder.)

If you have one of these ballots, please mail it back or drop it in the box in the church foyer by May 16, because if the total number of votes cast is less than 50% plus one, we do not have a quorum and the outcome does not count.


Anonymous said...

R. D. this is mostly to let you know that at least one person is looking and and reading what you have posted. Thanks for entering these Posts. I like the link to wikipedia. The definition shown there is quite good. The examples listed are very poor (maybe not even examples of conflict of interest). for items like this it may be beneficial to link to the actual proposed amendment to the by-law. Thanks, bob

R.D. Hight said...

Yes, a lot of the conflict-of-interest material on the internet is concerned with things like media coverage of big political issues or publicly traded companies. People in those fields tend to be extremely twitchy about even theoretical conflicts of interest, much more so than we would need to be.