Thursday, April 27, 2006

First Post!

During 2005, I produced a monthly paper newsletter for East Hills Alliance Church. Called the Headlight because I wanted to spend more time telling my readers about upcoming events than past ones, it soon displayed some shortcomings. A rigid, once-monthly format made some of the information less timely than it could have been, and my own streak of perfectionism meant I spent too much time on physical design and not enough on content. To counter these problems, we bring you the all-new, all-electronic Headlight 2!

The old newsletter was wholly a house organ, but in recognition of the first-person, informal atmosphere of web publishing, Headlight 2 will have a little more of my own personal slant. I still write it under the leadership and with the cooperation of the staff, but you can expect to see a friendlier, less detatched tone.

Soon, this blog will begin frequent updates with church news, and I will be soliciting ministry reports and asking around for interviews. I hope to make this the first method you think of when you want to get or give information about what God is doing in our church. Until then, watch this space and God bless!

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